Readers React: FrontRunner to abandon Pleasant View service in August

Friday , February 23, 2018 - 4:02 PM

As of August, FrontRunner service to Pleasant View will be no more. 

Utah Transit Authority officials cited low ridership, the fact that Union Pacific owns the portion of the track that runs from Ogden to Pleasant View, and a $1.4 million price tag to upgrade cars, locomotives and tracks from Ogden to Pleasant View as reasons why service would stop at the station — at least for now. 

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“I think it’s fair to expect people to be disappointed,” Steve Meyer, UTA’s director of capital projects, told the Standard-Examiner. “We’re disappointed we haven’t been able to do better there.”

According to UTA officials, just 35 or so southbound passengers use the Pleasant View station each day — the lowest along the FrontRunner system, which extends from Pleasant View south to Provo.

Here’s what you, the readers, had to say about the station’s closure after we published the story to Facebook. All comments are verbatim. 

Susan Murray Purcell: I’m sure many of us would use this station if the train would come up during the day time. Instead of the crack of dawn and late in the evening.

Matthew Owen: The Pleasant View station has been underutilized because there are only two departures and two arrivals daily. Unless you can coordinate your work/school schedule to fit these two options, you have to drive into Ogden. If you miss your return train, you add another half an hour to your commute by taking the bus from Ogden back up to PV. Plenty of people would prefer the PV station if the schedule were more flexible. FR needs to make more stops in PV rather than cutting off service. UTA is way off on this one.

MaryJoe Westfall Jones (in reply Matthew Olsen): In addition need expand service hours include Sundays and holidays FrontRunner between Ogden and Salt Lake City. If you want cars off I15 than need be serious about alternate, fast service like FrontRunner.

John Lane: 35 is 35 less cars on the highway, UTA crying about ridership , sounds like a lack of commitment. Pollution must not be a good enough reason. It all comes down to money greedy money.

Tara Price John: If the Pleasant View times were reasonable then more people wouldn’t have to drive all the way to the Ogden station. This alone is the only reason there are low numbers for the PV station.

Justin Jensen: Until they build their own rail line they can't run all day. The line is owned by Union Pacific Railroad and they have locals that switch industries and Trains traveling to and from Pocatello. UTA would also have to upgrade their locomotives to run with Union Pacifics new PTC safety system.

Trevor Price (in reply to Justin Jensen): Regardless of the reasons, who builds a train stain without a solid agreement or plan to obtain access to it? Somewhere there has been a big failure.

Suzanne Wilkinson: There would be more passengers if they didn’t do stupid stuff like this to stop people from riding it. I have rode from Pleasant view for 8 years. Through busing us using a shuttle train. You name it they have done it. It is their fault there are not more riders. They do need their own track though. If we are late we have to be vaned from Ogden because we can’t go on Union pacific’s track after our designated time.

Peter Phillips: Typical UTA… convince our lawmakers to give them our money while convincing everybody that ridership is up... then the old switcharoo. Maybe they need to save money to give out another million dollar bonus check to an executive.

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