Protecting breastfeeding moms in public: SE readers react

Tuesday , February 13, 2018 - 11:24 AM

A male-dominated Utah State Legislature committee voted last week on a bill that would permit breastfeeding in any place of public accommodation — whether the mother is covered up or not.

Members of the House Business and Labor Committee voted 6-5 Thursday, Feb. 8, to move House Bill 196 to the full Utah House of Representatives for further consideration, but not before a failed attempt to add language regarding modesty.

“My hope is we can normalize breastfeeding again, and moms don’t need to fear if they’ll be embarrassed if they go somewhere and have to feed their child,” Rep. Justin Fawson of North Ogden said. Fawson is sponsoring the bill. 

Breastfeeding bill draws pushback but clears committee on 6-5 vote

Utah and Idaho are the only two states that do not fully protect a woman’s right to breastfeed in public.

Here’s what you, the readers, had to say on the subject when we posted the story to our Facebook page. (All comments are verbatiam.)

Lisa Palmer Tidwell: “Utah and Idaho are the only states who do not protect a woman’s right to breastfeed”. Disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I’d say Utah lawmakers are living in the dark ages, but I’m pretty sure breastfeeding was widely accepted then.

Mandi Waldron: "pornographic feeding frenzies"? Wow. That sounds much more interesting than anything I ever experienced breastfeeding.

Daniel Joseph Akridge: Why would this even need to have a discussion much less a vote? If the infant needs nourishment then it’s at the Mothers discretion, period! Allow her to care for her child...such a ridiculous topic to have to discuss.

Britta Stumpp: Breastfeeding is NOT pornographic. It's what breasts were designed to do. It'd be like people get turned on by watching a hand write. Naturalizing Nature shouldn't be met with all this pathology and controversy.

Wade Owen: If more men saw breasts performing their real function more often, maybe the fascination for other reasons would die, well, down.

Tiffany Evans Schoenfeld: I don't care where we breastfeed. Yes, it is natural and a wonderful way to bond with your baby!

But they are also sexual, so please be aware of who might be around you watching!

I didn't breastfeed in restrooms, but it wasn't that hard to find a little more private area to sit, rather than in the middle of a crowd.

Ashley Davis (in reply to Tiffany Evans Schoenfeld): Are you worried about a child molester sexualizing your baby or a pervert sexualizing your breast?

Della Hughes: I’m torn on this issue.....I’m all for breastfeeding and when your baby is hungry you feeding it and NOT in a disgusting restroom....Just please try to be discreet and not just flop your boobies out for the world to see.

They are covered by clothes for a reason. 😊

Kenzee DeGroot-Wilcock: No. You should have to cover up. It’s natural and beautiful but only for you and your baby. It’s intimate and shouldn’t be shared with whomever happens to be around you in a public place. I don’t want to see your boob out and about, put a blanket over yourself and give you and your babe privacy.

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